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Your Office Visits

Get ready for a life-changing experience!

Visit One

front deskWhen you arrive you’ll receive a warm greeting from our staff. She will get you started with some brief paperwork. You also have the option to complete the forms prior to your first visit.


Then, there will be an initial consult with Dr. Sony Canteenwala. He will review your health history and learn what has brought you to our practice.

If we think we can help you, we’ll proceed with a thorough examination. That will include physical, orthopedic and neurological exams.We may also perform non-invasive thermal and surface EMG scans and heart rate variability assessment. These give us a crystal clear picture of the condition of your nervous system.

Sometimes X-rays of your spine are helpful depending on what we uncover in your exam. They can help us rule out other pathologies and capture a visual record of your spine.

Your first visit is largely about gathering information. However, if you’re in an emergency situation, we’ll often deliver your first chiropractic adjustment.

X-rays Visit Two

On your second visit, which can be as early as the next day, we’ll present what we found at your report of findings. We’ll review your examination findings, your scans and paint a picture of all the information we’ve gathered.

Ask questions! We want you to understand and appreciate what your examinations reveal.

With a clear understanding of what’s going on, we’ll make recommendations for the initial stage of your care. If we didn’t adjust you on your first visit, we will on your second.

Regular Visits

State of the art equipmentA series of visits are necessary to restore proper spinal neural function. A typical visit is quick and efficient. You’ll arrive at the office, sign in at the front desk and be directed into one of our adjusting rooms. Notice the improvement of your symptoms as we create a momentum for healing. Our staff will help you get in on your recommended visit frequency that will produce the best results in the shortest amount of time.



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