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Winnipeg Chiropractor in Fort Garry


Canteenwala Chiropractic Provides Gentle, Specific Care for All Ages

Offering Choices and Support

Canteenwala Chiropractic believes the first step toward healing and better health is hope. It doesn’t take long to start feeling the benefits, after your first few adjustments, it will become more visible than ever. Your initial visit will include your first examination, after which you will receive an in-depth explanation of the cause of your symptoms. Following our exam, we will share our findings and outline the options in your case, no matter which route you decide to take – we support your decision. Your health is a matter of your personal choices, beliefs and values.

Hope For Chronic Cases

We are always prepared to take on challenges. If you suffer from migraines, debilitating back pain, or other chronic conditions – we have helped many in your situation. Through our specific, gentle adjustments, your body will migrate back to a healthy neutral position, thereby allowing you to feel and function the way you were intended to.


Chiropractic for All Ages

The earlier spinal health becomes a priority, the healthier you and your family will be in the long run. Canteenwala Chiropractic is committed to serving patients of all ages. From babies to the elderly, it is never the wrong time for a checkup. Canteenwala Chiropractic is proud to provide gentle adjustments that cater to the individual’s specific set of needs. Our central focus is to build relationships that last a lifetime while promoting increased health and well being. We approach each case with care, compassion and respect for each patient.