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Torque Release Technique

Dr. Sony Canteenwala is proud to use Torque Release Technique. Dr. Canteenwala has mentored under the founder and developer Dr. Jay Holder of Miami Beach Fl. for over the last 10 years and is now course instructor.

Teaching Torque Release Technique allows me the unique perspective of helping other chiropractors help their patients , this in turn allows me to render even better care to my own patients.

Dr Sony Canteenwala

Torque Release Technique ( TRT ) focuses on vertebrae situated at the top and bottom of the spine. Its at these points that the spinal cord attach to the vertebrae. The spinal cord is like a guitar string anchored at the two ends of the spinal column. Misalignments of these specific vertebrae create a chain reaction and response of the body to compensate. The areas of compensation are usually the areas patients complain of when visiting our office. By precisely adjusting the vertebrae at the two ends of the cord, the spinal cord tension is released allowing the body to de compensate on its own- true healing from within.

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